When your dream job isn’t your day job, just blog!

♫ I owe, I owe! It’s off to work I go! ♫

How many of us sing this song to ourselves as we do the job that pays the bills? It isn’t a bad thing, having a job to pay the bills. In fact in this economy it is a great thing.

We’re not the first generation that’s doing work we may not love. However we are the first generation with an outlet to fulfill those aspirations we’ve kept secret for a long time.

The silent dreamers among us who long to be writers, musicians, film makers, actors, journalists, poets, photographers, artists, and dancers: silent no more because we have a wonderful thing at our disposal; the internet.

The internet gave us an audience to blog to and share our hidden dreams. How lucky are we? Compared to our mothers and fathers who did their work, whether they liked it or not, and paid their bills, we’re pretty darned lucky!

We get to live the best of both worlds. Though the 9-5 job may not make your heart soar, it puts a roof over your head, food on the table and spending money in your pocket. At the same time we get to be the Hemingway and Hitchcock that we would like to be, and we even get an audience.

So here’s to blogging, that internet highway that takes us off Highway “Day Job” and allows us to exit, albeit temporarily, onto Route “Dream Job,”  just for a little while every now and again. Life’s not so bad when you get to do what you love for a little while every now and again, and some one presses like or share. 🙂 Or, dare I dream too much, follows your blog.


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