News Headlines From Around The World September 30, 2012

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Top three headlines for September 30, 2012 on audio

The Top three news headlines for today, September 30th, 2012 are;

US military death toll in Afghanistan hits 2,000. Latest ‘insider attack’ at checkpoint kills two Americans and two Afghan soldiers, marking 2,000th US troop death of conflict.

Ancient market burns as fighting rages in Syria’s Aleppo.  Hundreds of shops were burnt on Saturday as fighting between rebels and state forces in Syria’s largest city threatened to destroy a UNESCO world heritage site.

Ahmadinejad slams ‘nuclear intimidation.’ Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday accused some “hegemonic powers” of intimidating his country, citing military threats from Israel.


(Europe) Euronews: Heritage site destroyed in battle-torn Aleppo

The Irish Times: Wave of Iraqi car bombs kills 17

(UK) The Guardian:US military death toll in Afghanistan hits 2,000

(France) Le Monde: In Georgia, “is expected to trouble” in parliamentary elections

(Brussels) Le Soir: Homer Simpson vote Mitt Romney

The Copenhagen Post: Copenhagen doesn’t have the best reputation

(Iceland) Visir: Two thousand U.S. soldiers have fallen in Afghanistan

(Norway) Aftenposten: 2000 Americans have died in Afghanistan

(Germany) Spiegel: A Battle between Dictators and Dreamers

(International) Huffington Post: Omar Khadr, Last Western Detainee At Gitmo, Returns To Canada

The Balkan Chronicle: Athens’ Muslim community plays waiting game for official mosque

(Turkey) Dunya:  Erdogan: This is not a farewell, a stop

North America

The Wall Street Journal: Top China Leader Faces Trial

Washington Post: In Libya, security was lax before attack that killed U.S. ambassador, officials say

The New York Times: Elite and Deft, Xi Aimed High Early in China

(International) Associated Press: Bangladesh: Muslims torch Buddhist temples, homes

(International) Reuters: Ancient market burns as fighting rages in Syria’s Aleppo

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: Ancient market, burns, heritage sites at risk as continuous type Syrian violence

South America

(Peru) La Republica: Venezuela: Two killed in armed attack on convoy of opposition candidate

(Argentina) Clarin: Chavez-criticism bet to seduce the votes of disillusioned

(Mexico) The News: Israel PM urges action on Iran 

(Brazil) The Rio Tiimes: Rousseff Speaks to Protectionism at UN

(Chile) Clarin: Historic resolution on the safety of journalists in the world

(Bolivia) Journada: Capriles Chavez tightened over the end of the campaign in sight

(Ecuador) La Hora Nacional:The wrath of Allah

(South American News) Merco Press: Falklands’ lawmaker anticipates cracks in Argentina’s blockade of the Islands

(Guyana) Stabroek News: Somalia’s al Shabaab rebels pull out of Kismayu bastion

(Paraguay) Ultima Hora: At least five civilians were killed in the Somali city of Kismayo

(Venezuala) El Nacional:At least 8 killed by tornado and flooding affect Spain

(Uruguay) El Obervador: Stuck in the UN


(Australia) The Age: Best of the world: October 1

New Zealand Herald: Alan Jones says sorry after Gillard slur


(China, Communist) People’s Daily: Hainan to crack down on illegal behaviors in tourist market

Global times (China): Ahmadinejad slams ‘nuclear intimidation’

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: Noda vows support for Egypt’s reforms

The Moscow Times: 236 Traffic Police Detain Drunk Drivers in 24 Hours

Russia Today: At least 26 killed in Iraq in wave of car bomb attacks

The Times of India: String of car bomb blasts kill at least 17 in Iraq

Jerusalem World News: US’ ‘Cool it’ message to Israel will go up in flames

The Palestine Chronicle:  Gaza Tunnel-traders Say Network at 10 Percent Capacity

(Pakistan) The News International: Pak driver who returned to Saudi national Dh36k Merely rewarded with DH10


(Libya) The Tripoli Post: Libyans Hand Over Weapons to Army

Aljazeera: Several killed in Afghan ‘insider’ attack

(Somalia) The Shabelle News: Warships continue to shell Somali Port City

(Ethiopia) The Sub Saharan Informer : (Links to other websites): Obama within reach of electoral votes for 2nd term; Romney could still win but path narrower

(Egypt) Al-Ahram Weekly: Child killed in Kenya church grenade attack

(Syria) The News: Deaths and injuries due to the explosion of car bombs in several areas of Baghdad

Syrian Arab News Agency: Teacher Ebrahimi and Feltman: the success of UN envoy’s mission depends on putting an end to the sheltering and training and arming terrorists .. Lifting the sanctions on the Syrian people much better than seeking to treat their effects

(Uganda) New Vision: Somalia’s al Shabaab rebels pull out of Kismayu bastion

The above headlines are from the online World/International sections of the news media listed.Translation by Google Translate.

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