Revising and Editing your own book: Scalded Eyes Syndrome

It is an eye scalding job if ever there was one! I have spent the last three hours revising the first 75 pages of my upcoming best seller :0) Mona,The Body in the Bog. Only 186 pages left! If I see another “, or ! or , or ? I think I will go cross eyed. Hang on, I think I just did!

It will be self published, the literary agents aren’t exactly banging on my door, so why wait?

I had a wonderful, positive experience writing the manuscript six years ago. Then I moved on and wrote another 300 plus page manuscript called The Foundling Basket, stay tuned folks.

The writing process in the initial stages is flowing, creative and spontaneous. But in the final draft stage of revision and edit it is dry, precise and boring. Any suggestions on how this can go smoother would be appreciated.

I am currently reading Save the Cat by Blake Snyder. It is a book for screenwriters, but it certainly has helped me think very carefully about laying out my next project.

Hopefully my novel writing class at NCC starting tomorrow night will be a big help too. It isn’t easy living inside your own head most of the day, is it writers?


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