The Amazing Celts

If there is one relevant message that the Celts can share with us it is that migration and immigration is nothing new. In fact it is very old.

They reached as far south as Turkey and then withdrew to the fringes of Europe.They invaded and then retreated, therefore they were the immigrants and emigrants, if you will. All that travelling opened them up to new experiences and cultures.

Although they couldn’t defeat the Romans, and the Romans did a lot for us, here’s what the Celts did for us:

The Celts left us with fashion and styles that we still used today.

Nail polish, the Celts stained their nails with berry juice.





Hair dye, they dyed their hair blonde with lime.





They dyed their clothes various colors with plants and berries.




They used a type of tree resin to slick their hair back.





They invented new hairstyles. They tied their hair up in a suebian knot to look taller.




And they left us with the most ornate collection of Iron Age jewelery for the male and female.

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