Mona The Body in The Bog

Here it is folks. It isn’t War and Peace or Wuthering Heights but it is my first published novel, now available on

Here’s a little snippet:

Mona The Body in the Bog

Chapter 1

Liam sat for what seemed like hours. As he stomped the cigarette butt into the sod a thought crossed his mind, ‘What if he had just cut through hundreds of bodies in a burial site?’ His gaze went from the foot and scanned the flat lands of the bog. Beneath the heather and gorse bushes that grew and blossomed all around this bog, there could be an ancient burial site that he had discovered today.

The wind whipped the heather forward and made the purple flowers shake wildly. It wouldn’t be the first time that a body had been discovered in an Irish bog. Liam remembered the bog body found in the 1980’s in Lindow, England. He was just finished secondary school and his science teacher was very excited about the bog body discovery in England. ‘It’s amazing what you remember too,’ Liam thought to himself as he nodded and looked at the foot. At the age of 38, he still remembered how his science teacher of 20 years ago talked about “Lindow Man” as if he were a national hero like Padraigh Pearse or someone.

The discovery of the bog body at a Lindow Moss bog in England by professional peat cutters in 1984 was big news. Liam was waiting for the results of his Leaving Cert. On August 1 1984, the brutal death of an Iron Age bog body was briefly more important than the exam results.

Liam’s thoughts were interrupted by a siren in the distance becoming louder and louder. It was definitely heading his way. ‘Thank God.’ A sigh of reprieve departed his lungs vigorously and he turned his gaze away from the foot and searched the headland of the bog for the police car.

When the Garda car arrived 15 minutes later the sirens were wailing and the lights were flashing. When the call came in to the Borrisokane barracks announcing a suspected homicide at Boteen’s bog in North Tipperary the two Gardai on duty jumped into animation. They pulled their feet from the top of their desks and threw on their navy blue jackets, pulled their caps tightly onto their heads, and promptly began to search through the mess of paper work on the desks for the keys to the squad car. “You respond that we’re on our way, I’ll get the car started,” said Sergeant Hannon unable to believe his luck, he had found the keys in less than 15 seconds! What a record!

Like the Keystone cops in hyperactive mode, the two Borrisokane Gardai shot from the barracks to the Garda car and tore madly through the town with blaring sirens and beeping at anyone foolish enough to try and get in their way. The pedestrians stared in disbelief at the speeding police car as it raced through the town. Some shook their heads disapprovingly while others commented out-loud, “Ever heard of a speeding limit lads?”

Liam had smoked five cigarettes by the time they arrived. His eyes were bloodshot and rimmed with tears, not from crying mind you, but more from the strain of having his stomach convulse occasionally and also staring and not blinking at the foot. He had not dared look away from the foot for too long.


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