News Headlines From Around The World October 14, 2012

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Top three headlines for October 14, 2012 on audio

The Top three news headlines for today, Sunday, October 14, 2012 are:

Syrian air force dropped cluster bombs on rebel held areas and bans Turkish flights.

Syria’s air force has repeatedly used cluster munitions to attack rebel-held areas, according to Human Rights Watch.

The weapons are controversial. When released, they scatter dozens of smaller bomblets over a wide area.

Euroskeptics Call Nobel Honor an ‘April Fool’s Joke.’

European leaders greeted the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union on Friday, saying it would provide urgently needed motivation in the debt crisis. But euroskeptics could hardly believe their ears and are already ridiculing the jury in Oslo.

Mauritanian president Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz shot at.

Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, president of the West African nation of Mauritania, was shot at and wounded in what officials say was an accident, media reports said on Sunday.

Mauritania’s president Aziz appeared on television to call for calm on Sunday, hours after being shot by soldiers in what he said was an accident.

Seen by the West as an ally against al Qaeda’s increasing presence in the Sahara Desert, Aziz has ruled over a northwest African country that has been largely stable since he seized power in a 2008 coup.


(Europe) Euronews: Syria air force dropped cluster bombs on rebel held areas

The Irish Times: Syria accused of cluster bomb use

(UK) The Guardian: Syria bans Turkish flights – live updates

(France) Le Monde: The leader of the Flemish separatists want to rob the city of Antwerp Socialists

(Brussels) Le Soir: Hollande : « Le français, au service du monde et de la liberté

The Copenhagen Post: PET agent attempted to “brainwash” Muslims in England

(Iceland) Visir: Training and flight schools banned today

(Norway) Aftenposten: 27 tourists to hospital after flydrama in Turkey

(Germany) Spiegel: Euroskeptics Call Nobel Honor an ‘April Fool’s Joke’

(International) Huffington Post: Afghanistan: The Long and Winding Roads

The Balkan Chronicle: A day in Organi, the poorest village in Greece

(Turkey) Dunya: Akçakale shells fell again

North America

The Wall Street Journal: IMF Urges EU to Deploy Bailout Funds

Washington Post: In Spain, separatist fever rises in time of crisis

The New York Times: Libya Struggles to Curb Militias, the Only Police

(International) Associated Press: Cuban missile crisis beliefs endure after 50 years

(International) Reuters: Assad forces use cluster bombs as rebels gain: rights group

(Canada) The Globe and Mail: Teen’s Shooting by taliban shows enormity of pakistan’s challenges

South America

(Peru) La Republica: Pakistan car bomb explosion killed 17

(Argentina) Clarin: Tomorrow begins the crucial negotiations with the FARC

(Mexico) The News: Turkey: Russia arming Syria

(Brazil) The Rio Tiimes: Brazil in Second Round of 2012 Elections

(Chile) Clarin: The 10 most censored in 2011/2012

(Bolivia) Journada: The EU receives “proud” the Nobel and convinced that will antidote to crises

(Ecuador) La Hora Nacional: Obama dinner with donors lottery winners

(South American News) Merco Press: Teens arrested in violent clashes during Chilean students’ protests in Santiago

(Guyana) Stabroek News: Brad Pitt blasts US ‘War on Drugs,’ calls for policy rethink

(Paraguay) Ultima Hora: The Colombian government and the FARC are preparing to launch the Oslo peace process

(Venezuala) El Nacional: Andes Survivors of a symbolic play rugby in Chile

(Uruguay) El Obervador: Continues in the track Capriles


(Australia) The Age: Crash survivors play rugby match 40 years later

New Zealand Herald: US navy cruiser and submarine collide


(China, Communist) People’s Daily: China Pledges support to Russia’s G20 presidency

Global times (China): Biden on top in VP debate

(Japan) The Daily Yomiuri: U.S. State Department official to visit Sunday

The Moscow Times: Police Arrest Hit-and-Run Driver Suspected of Killing Actress   

Russia Today: Horrors of war: US, UK munitions ‘cause birth defects in Iraq’

The Times of India: Mauritanian president Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz shot at

Jerusalem World News: Cabinet unanimously approves January 22 as election date

The Palestine Chronicle: Witnesses: Settlers Attack Olive Harvesters in Hebron

(Pakistan) The News International: Karzai invites Imran Khan to jointly fight U.S. drone strikes, Taliban


(Libya) The Tripoli Post: Libya Congress to Choose New PM Sunday

Aljazeera: Mauritania president ‘accidentally’ shot

(Somalia) The Shabelle News: KDF marks first anniversary since invading Somalia

(Ethiopia) The Sub Saharan Informer : (Links to other websites): Assad forces accused of using cluster bombs as rebels gain

(Egypt) Al-Ahram Weekly: Thousands of UK troops to leave Afghanistan in 2013

(Syria) The News: After a car bomb exploded at dawn Mezzeh .. Bombing area mazzeh villas in Damascus and injury news

(Uganda) New Vision: Mauritania leader calls for calm after shooting

The above headlines are from the online World/International sections of the news media listed.Translation by Google Translate.

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