Mona The Body in the Bog Prologue

Breise! Breise! Extra! Extra!

Stephen King has nothing to worry about. Here’s my first ever attempt at writing a book.

Though the story begins with two male warriors, it really is about two women; one lives in ancient Celtic Ireland, and the other lives in the present.

Here is the introduction to my ancient Celtic murder mystery and love story.


Never before had he seen the symbol of the triune goddess on anyone else but his wife and himself. Now, lying on the beach here before him lay a defeated Fir Bolg with the same symbol dangling from his neck; three intertwined silver leaves glittering in the golden, sinking sunlight.

A hand reached up to touch his tunic. The sun blinding the fallen warrior’s eyes, the figure standing before the Fir Bolg warrior now a black silhouette, in stark contrast to the brightness surrounding him.

Behind the wounded Fir Bolg warrior, the waves rolled…

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