How to Impress me

A Sunday afternoon at La Grande Jatte by George Seurat 1884

A Sunday afternoon at La Grande Jatte by George Seurat 1884

Many years ago, my family and I befriended another family who had moved from Belgium to Connecticut. We became quite friendly and decided to return to the place where we met, Club Med Sandpiper, in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, for our April vacation.

The vacation was fun, I learned to water ski and swear at the same time; and then suddenly it was time to return home. Our airport for departing Port Saint Lucie was West Palm Beach.

The airport at West Palm Beach is well laid out and is very pleasant. This is due to the many murals of famous paintings that lined the walls back in 2004, maybe they are gone, I don’t know. One of these murals was of the fantastic George Seurat’s painting,  Un dimanche après-midi à l’Île de la Grande Jatte , or better known to those of us who speak English as, A Sunday afternoon at La Grande Jatte.

It was huge, taking us at least a minute, if not more, to walk from end to end. As we walked by it, one of the little girls of the family we had befriended walked beside me, and I walked beside her father.

“Why are there little dots all over it?” she asked.

Showing my vast knowledge of the arts, ‘ahem,’ I explained in great detail that Seurat was an artist who had invented a type of painting called pointillism.

“The artist uses the tip of the brush,” I said, “instead of a brush stroke to create the picture. Instead of a brush stroke this beautiful painting was made from millions of little dots.”

“You know Loretto,” her father added, “We had an original Seurat at the house in Brussels; I think one of the servants stole it.”

My response was, “YOU HAD SERVANTS!”

Yes, we both laughed, and then I added, with a  desire to remain respectable,

“Well it wasn’t any of my people!”

This is a true story.


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