Breise! Breise! Extra! Extra!

My next book, The Foundling, was written seven years ago, and sat on a computer hard drive, fermenting, before I decided that it was time to set it free.

The protagonist, Robert Mountbellew, was a fun one to create. It’s nice when you get the chance to play God with people. But characters on a page have a funny way of dictating to the author the things they can or cannot do.

Robert took on a life of his own, the minute he sat down in his plush red velvet chair and felt that crescent moon shaped scar on his cheek. He was a mixture of many men, some real; others were characters of literary fiction; complex, intriguing,and aloof men that lived in regret of dark secrets, and who didn’t have a a few of those back in the mid 1800’s?

Sadly, Robert Mountbellew never existed. I wished he had, but he didn’t…

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