Hurricane Sandy

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We had power restored yesterday, Sunday at 3:20pm. Just three hours shy of a full six days without power. We were the lucky ones though, we have a generator that works showers, hot water, heat, kitchen appliances, and lights in kitchen and the bathrooms.

The scariest part of this was three days in, when people started shooting each other at gas pumps on the Connecticut and New York state border. People in Greenwich told New Yorkers they could not buy gas in Connecticut and fights broke out.

The oil/gasoline was necessary for generators and it caused the most problems. Lines for gas stations, that hadn’t run out of gas, were often 15 to twenty cars long. My husband had to drive to six gas stations before he found one that hadn’t run out on day five of no electricity.

Society and the thin veneer of politeness took only three days to break down. People were short with each other, I was waiting for a parking space to go teach Pilates and a woman coming out, she wasn’t even in anyway remotely involved with me waiting for the space or the car backing out of it, started yelling that there were cars behind me. I was waiting, with indicator on for 15 seconds at most, two cars behind, not even beeping at me, and this woman walking by starts yelling like a mad woman. I just drove off, didn’t want to deal with it.

Anyway, we are promised a nor’easter on Wednesday, I’m staying home!

Here’s a video of pictures and video I took during and after the hurricane. There is a neat slow motion video half way in of leaves rising upward because of the whirling winds.


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