BBC’s “selective” journalism comes under scrutiny

Due to the BBC’s lack of curiosity over allegations about Jimmy Savile’s pedophilia, the company is enduring a serious crisis, ” one of the most serious in the BBC’s history,” according to its own media correspondant Torin Douglas, who added that the crisis, “is not yet over.”

Newsnight, a BBC flagship program, was questioned for shelving a program that exposed Savile’s pedophila scandals and then wrongly accused a politician of abusing children in a Wales.

The Savile pedophilia allegations are like the arms and legs of an octopus, and Douglas’ claims that the BBC crisis is not over yet could prove to be true. Not only are we left questioning who knew what,and when, about the Savile allegations during his time at the BBC, but now we are left wondering about BBC’s journalism standards as well.

I disagree with BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten, who stood beside Entwhistle when he read his letter of resignation to the press, the BBC is no longer the world’s best broadcaster of news, and seeing as Savile’s career spans into the early sixties with the BBC, I wonder how much selective journalism it practiced?

Ester Rantzen of Childline, in a seperate documentary, mentions that there were rumours, as early as the seventies, that Savile liked young girls. That’s nearly 40 years of rumours going unheeded and unreported. That’s a long time to pick and choose what is and what isn’t newsworthy.


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