Entwhistle, Thompson and the BBC: Who knew what and when?

Less than a year and a half after the Murdoch phone hacking scandals we have to question journalistic standards at the BBC and, if Mark Thompson knew more than he is letting on, possibly future standards of journalism at NY Times.

It seems the new NY Times CEO Mark Thompson, who starts on the job today, and came from a job at the BBC, is also being questioned now about what he knew about the Savile sex scandal.


The interviewer in this news radio show, John Humphrys on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme  asked ex-BBC Director General George Entwhistle, “Isn’t it odd that no one showed Mister Meesham? the picture of Lord McAlpine and ask him “Is this the man?” Humphrys was referring to the Newsnight programme that wrongly accused former politician Lord McAlpine of abusing children. Newsnight is also responsible for shelving a report on the Savile sex abuse case that should have aired last January, and was aired by rival ITV instead.

According to Entwhistle in an interview “There is too much journalism going on,” for a Director General to review/approve all programming.



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