Breise! Breise! Extra! Extra!

When John Ford brought Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne together in The Quiet Man, he did Ireland a great service, but also stereotyped Ireland. Don’t get me wrong here! I love the movie, I own it on DVD and we watch it about three times a year. Well my husband is a devoted John Wayne fan, so I am coerced to watch it two out of three times per year.

The Quiet Man is a lovely Irish film, but don’t stop there if you want to watch a good Irish movie. There are plenty more thought-provoking and funny Irish movies to give a broader and more authentic view of Ireland and the Irish people. Here are a few that I love to watch. But before we go there, let me take you here; my favorite scene in The Quiet Man. Yes it is “twee” but what’s the harm in…

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