You don’t have to pay more for make-up

This is definitely not me.

This is definitely not me.

When I turned forty, that was three years ago, excuse me whilst I fill my coffee cup with tears, a good friend gifted me a make-up application lesson at Lanphier Day Spa in Darien CT.

I loved the eye shadow that they used for me and on two separate occasions tried to purchase it from Lanphier. Someone behind the counter there forgot to order it twice! The spa is wonderful, I have been there three times, but the attitude of the girl working behind the counter, three years ago, really turned me off.

I was happy to pay $29.00 before tax for a trio of eye shadow. I loved the colors and thought I looked natural and not made up when I wore it. I was disappointed when Lanphier kept messing up the order, but the owner did send me a free lipstick when I complained and she apologised profusely for the mistake. The order never got completed.

In despair I turned to the internet. I discovered a website based in New Jersey called The same trio of eye shadow I was willing to pay over $30.00 for cost $9.99. This is the exact same product that I paid $20 more for. And for the holidays they are offering $5 off of $30 or more and $10 off $75 or more plus free shipping for orders over $55.

The site has tons of brand name products that sell for much lower prices.


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