Nothing I can write will make it better or take the pain away

Candle Light 027I am just sad, all day, thinking of the children, teachers and families involved at the horrific shooting in Newtown, CT today. The small quiet town is about thirty minutes drive from my home. But it doesn’t matter; it could have been across the globe and I still would have felt pain for the families of the victims.

When I taught in middle school many years ago, I told my students that my classroom was a benevolent dictatorship. I would make decisions for them sometimes that they may or may not like because it was for their benefit. I wanted the best for my students.

I never thought that teachers would have to tell kids to hide in classroom cupboards, pull them in from hallways as bullets whizzed by, or lock the classroom door to “keep the animal outside the classroom,” because that was what was best for them.

To the people who read my blog who are teachers/parents, we’re part of a tribe that shares a lot of hurt tonight, we share the pain of those parents who lost a child and the families who lost a loved one, and the teachers who died today.

Kids go to school to learn, teachers go to school to teach, not to be shot at and killed. Tell your kids’ teachers how much you appreciate them, because they are hurting tonight, and will hurt for many more nights to come. Tell your parents you love them, tell your kids you adore and love them.

My heart aches tonight, I know yours does too.  heart-candle-image1

Timeline of School Shootings around the globe available here.
Click here for a Storify piece I wrote 9 months ago about school shootings around the globe.

3 thoughts on “Nothing I can write will make it better or take the pain away

  1. For some reason Loretto the like button isn’t working tonight. We share a kindred spirit and I appreciate what you have written. I responded to your thoughtful comment. Thank you for the information you’ve posted. Have a wonderful weekend loving your family.

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