Irish Mammy

Irish Mammy's new book: Isn't it well for ye?

Irish Mammy’s new book: Isn’t it well for ye?

Irish mothers are a unique bunch of women who have a unique dialect. So unique in fact that their banter has spawned a very funny twitter account @Irishmammy.

Most of us who grew up in Ireland called our mothers ‘Mammy’ and then as we got older and bolder and waaaay too cool to call her ‘Mammy’ we shortened it to ‘Mam.” That sounds very royal doesn’t it? Yes mam.

Irish Mammy has done so well for herself on twitter that she now has a book out, a book is it? Begorrah ’tis a book missus.

Words like “musha” and “wisha” are no longer unknown to all but the Irish mammy. And if you’ve always pondered what a latchiko is, well you’ve reached your mental pondering’s end.

Irish mammy has an opinion on just about everything, and there’s no holding the woman back either. Have a look at what she said about Benedict taking off in a hurry:

I suppose the Pope’ll be putting his feet up watching Prime Time now.

— irishmammy (@irishmammies) February 28, 2013

She’s a divil of a woman, is that Irish mammy, but she’s worth following on twitter and buying the book, shure it’ll give her a few bob extra to spend.


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