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Running the Touchstone as Editor-in-chief

It is two days before deadline and I start to get slightly worried.   I understand that being a student (as I obviously am one myself) can be overwhelming and stressful, but deadline is so important to running the paper smoothly.

When working in the ‘real world’ deadlines are fixed and there are chances for losing your job if you don’t comply with the dates and times your editor may give you.  If you think of a blank newspaper and you have been allocated a space for your article and you don’t produce your work, that space could risk still being a space.  As an editor, I am not going to run a blank space but it is very important for reporters to realize that when you commit to writing, following through is a must.  I am understanding that sometimes stories don’t unfold, interviews cannot be done and the story we thought we had…

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  1. This is a student I did some journalism courses with. I can’t agree more with her sentiments about getting the newspaper to come together and the importance of sticking to deadlines.
    Copy edit night is so important. Many eyes are needed to check for the mistakes that we all make. I always thought that working on the school newspaper should be a credited course, but truth be told if you are driven to work in journalism you should be doing it for the experience, not the three credits. Having everyone keep to a deadline sure would help, wouldn’t it? Let’s hope students realize that this stuff matters, and is just a dress rehearsal for the real world of newspaper journalism. Good luck!

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