New vlog for Loretto’s Pilates

Portable Pilates chart via Real

Portable Pilates chart via Real

Most of you know that I have been teaching Pilates for about three years now and I have been practicing Pilates for about seven years.

I teach a mat class twice a week and also do some apparatus classes occasionally too. To help keep clients and friends on track I have decided to do a Pilates vlog, for those not in the know the word vlog means video blog.

By tomorrow night you’ll see an extra page alongside  Home, About Me, Books/Shameless Self Promotion, Published, and Video Interviews. That new page will be Loretto’s Pilates Vlog.

I will post videos there of myself explaining the arms, abs and legs routines that I do in mat classes, which I gear for all levels of learners, beginner, intermediate or advanced.

The videos will explain the tiny nuances of anatomy knowledge that I use in order to get your body in correct alignment so to have optimal execution of the movements. When Joseph Pilates first started this excersize regime he did not call it Pilates, he called it Contolology, and that’s very important. Might is not right in Pilates, slow and controlled, precise movements in conjunction with the correct breathing technique will give you more flexibility, a leaner body and make you stronger. What’s not to like?

So check back tomorrow at dinnertime, but just look at the videos first. Never do Pilates on a full tummy! Listen to the basics of Pilates and then, starting on Friday, March 22nd you and I will work together to get you in better shape physically, mentally and spiritually.

If you give me ten weeks, I’ll give you 70 days 🙂 and that will bring us to May 31st!!

Are you ready for some Pilates? Me too. See you tomorrow!


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