Think for yourselves: Noam Chomsky needs more media attention

Noam Chomsky (Picture via The New Yorker)

Noam Chomsky (Picture via The New Yorker)

Anyone with an interest in being an outspoken rebel against anything mainstream should read this article by Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian.

It is long, but shows how people who can read really do not “digest” what they have read.

I now know why Chomsky,  this great political mind of our times, is never mentioned in political debates, interviewed on mainstream television and is demonized by those who don’t want to ruffle too many feathers.

Like Assange and Manning and Ellsberg, Noam Chomsky should be listened to intently but rarely is. Instead, “virtually every mainstream discussion of him at some point inevitably recites the same set of personality and stylistic attacks designed to malign his advocacy without having to do the work of engaging the substance of his claims.”

In other words it is far easier to label Chomsky crazy than to sit down and take in, digest what the man is saying. He’s worth reading about, his thoughts are worth reading about and that is why he is never on television here in the US. He makes people think, not a great asset to voters today. Don’t think for yourselves, listen to Bill O’Reilly scream at you from Fox TV. That’s far easier than being a critical thinker.


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