The Future in Europe

Is this the future of Europe?

Is this the future of Europe?

I can see a day, fast approaching in Europe, where getting married will be obselete. You fare better as a single person with children.

Banks will no longer exist, if the government can take 25% out of your bank account, don’t give it to them, don’t have a bank account.

Owning a home will be so costly, not just to buy it, but taxes on property, oil tanks, septic tanks, satellite dishes, cars, you name it, will put people into the poor house. People will rent rather than own.

Having a job will,or is, less lucrative than being foxy and collecting social welfare. There is a vicious circle revolving in Europe at the moment. The rich will get richer, the middle class are shrinking and the poor, that will be the middle class in a few years.


2 thoughts on “The Future in Europe

  1. Absolutely Mike. Where there’s a loop hole in social welfare methods, there are millions making money out of it. So what to do? I have not got the foggiest of ideas to be honest. Stay paying taxes, keep the system going, even if it is corrupt. Or take a stance like Thoreau and only pay taxes on shared infrastructures such as State Roads as opposed to paying taxes on private property. That should give you one free phone call and a bed behind bars.

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