Week 2 Pilates Challenge for Abs, Arms, and Legs

Hi folks! Hopefully you’ve followed along with last week’s routine. This week you’ll continue with the same arm routine and we’ll increase the ab reps to 30. Also continue with the same leg routine from week 1.

The difference with week 2 is that apart from increasing the reps for abs by 10, I am also introducing knee and leg circles, great for people who feel tight in their hips, and also great for your legs. So if you are a runner or speed walker or a jogger you really need these.

In addition I will introduce spine stretch forward, twist and saw.  Unfortunately the video card just takes 15 minutes of video, so it cuts out as we do the final move for saw. But it is fully explained, give it all a try. More new moves next week. Stay focused, stay on track and I promise you’ll feel better by June 1st.

Remember you are doing Monday, Wednesday and Friday for arms and legs. Abs can be done Monday through Saturday! Even God, hard worker that she is, took Sunday off.

Watch the video first, then give the Week 2 Challenge a try!


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