Week 3 of Loretto’s 10 Week Pilates Challenge

Week 3

Is it really week 3 already? Sure is. I hope you’ve been doing the exercises diligently and that you’re feeling stronger already. Here’s what we will do differently today folks;

1. Roll up – a great ab move and a great spinal mobility and flexibility move. This move is part of a routine for spinal flexion, or forward bending. Next week to balance out the spine I will add some spinal extension, or bending backwards. Combined, these spinal exercises promote healthy spines and a strong core.

2. The Hundred- a Pilates mat warm up move.

3. Series of 5 for Abs – If you’ve done a Youtube search for Pilates ab work you’ve come across these. They’ll become part of our regular routine today.

Here’s what you’ll do the same for the next week; Continue doing spine stretch forward, twist and saw as well as knee and leg circles (Start at 8 minutes), 4 repetitions now for spine stretch forward, twist and saw, same number of reps for knee and leg circles.

We will add on 10 reps to our ab routine. Remember when 20 was a killer? Look how far you’ve come baby!!! Keep doing it, this stuff really works.Check out the video below for all the new work to add to your routine.

If you’ve got questions regarding the need to modify a move due to previous injuries or surgeries just leave a comment and I will either do a video or a blog post to explain the modification.

Just a word or two extra on Pregnancy and Pilates and Scar tissue.

pilates pregnancyPregnancy: Yes you can do the moves, arm work as normal, sit ups are tricky because you don’t want to lay on your back for extended periods of time, side work is fine but keep the laying on your back to a minimum. Leg work is also fine, but keep the moves small and precise.

Pregnant women release an increased amount of a hormone called Relaxin which promotes looseness in the ligaments, this means you will be capable of doing big sweeping movements with your legs, but DON’T do it. This is when ligaments and tendons can easily tear. Keep those leg moves small and within the frame of the body. Think the size of a soccer ball small. This goes for people who trained as dancers also. Keep those moves small, precise and tight. Ligaments are like elastic bands, they can only stretch so far and then they tear.

Surgery and PilatesSurgery: If you’ve had surgery chances are you’re feeling tightness in that area, scar tissue is the culprit. But with incremental lengthening of moves you’ll get the mobility and flexibility back. It just takes patience, commitment and time, but you will regain full mobility and flexibility. Plus you are never too old to start Pilates! So no excuses now 🙂

Remember you are doing Monday, Wednesday and Friday for arms and legs. Abs can be done Monday through Saturday!

OK, let’s get started on week 3 of my 10 week Pilates Challenge.  I mention in the video that we will do plank…again the time card was filled! So let’s bank on plank for next week!

Week 3: Roll-up, the hundred and series of 5 Pilates abs, plus the regular ab routine.

Single Leg Stretch is part of the series of 5 and can be done directly after leg lower and lift, or anywhere in the series. This lady does a great job of explaining the move.


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