Week 4 Loretto’s 10 Week Pilates Challenge

Week 4

Hi folks! Well due to a CRAZY day I have to borrow someone’s video for the moves I want to teach you today. Pictures are going to be used also to get you thinking about the straight lines in the body for these moves.

Here’s the line I want you to keep in mind for plank, ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. If you don’t want to hold plank position on your hands, do it like the lady in the picture below, hold the position on your forearms.

plank1Let’s start with fifteen (15) seconds today and build to sixty by week 10. The key is to roll the front of your mat so that you have extra cushioning beneath your hands or elbows. Splay the fingers with to distribute the weight evenly, keep the scapula (shoulder blades even and strong on either side of the spine, keep the back of the neckpho_exercise_plank-extended long, don’t crunch up your neck and let the eyes look down at the floor where the mat and floor meet. Inhale the right leg long behind you with the toes curled under, and then exhale let the left leg join it. Imaging there is fire shooting up from the mat to keep those abs from falling forward. Breathe at you leisure as you hold plank for 15 seconds today.

To hear me cue you into plank you can click on this link. Eventually one hour of a Pilates class will be accessible for you to down load and use at your leisure via audio.

Now for abs, lets bring the reps up to 50 for week 4 and for week 5! You can do the series of 5 we did last week on alternating days. Continue to do legs and arms 3 days per week also, and keep doing spine stretch forward, twist and saw on alternating days as well. Plank is a move that is a whole body strengthener.

Next week we’re doing rolling like a ball, seal, open leg rocker and teaser.


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