Review of The Foundling in Irish Scene

Colin Merrey of Irish Scene magazine in Australia read The Foundling and gave it a rave review. Thank you kindly sir. You can read the review in Irish Scene by clicking here.

Or you can read a copy and paste version of it below.The Foundling

The Foundling – Loretto Leary

The publisher is CeateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and the book is available from Amazon via their website at a cost of GBP8.42 plus postage etc.

Loretto is Irish born but now lives in the USA with her husband and son.

This book is the first in a trilogy set in the early 1800’s in Ireland and features the Mountbellew family. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it – as I do almost any book on Ireland, its people and its history.

This book presents a very interesting and insightful introduction to the Irish politics of that period nicely wrapped around a beautiful love story: it is indeed a well crafted tale of mystery, romance, and class struggle against the backdrop of the 19th century Republican movement.

The second book “Stained Glass” should be available in December 2013 and the final book of the trilogy “The Blackberry Man” will be available in December 2014. I really can’t wait for the next installment– but of course I will have to!

If you enjoy books about this period of Irish history and this genre of writing then this book is for you. It is well worth getting hold of from Amazon – I don’t know if it is yet available in Australia but I would hope that if enough of us get behind it then it may become available here in the future. Enjoy!!! Well that’s it for books this issue – don’t forget – the book competition is open (see above) for my book choice of the month.


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