Week 8 Loretto’s 10 Week Pilates Challenge

Week 8

Here we are, it’s week 8 and time for extension work, and also oppositional stretch.

Spinal extension over a Pilates Arc

Spinal extension over a Pilates Arc

Extension means bending the spine backward. In the picture to the left you can see clearly that the model’s head is bent back over the spine. That is the goal.

This extension work can feel like hard work, because our bodies LOVE flexion. We love it so much because our bodies do it almost all day long. Some of us sleep in spinal flexion, I know I do. Here’s a list of things we do everyday that puts us into flexion;

1. Driving

2. Sitting at a desk

3. Sitting at the computer

4. Eating at a table

5. Walking around, running, carrying grocery bags, books.

Tall people have it the worst! They adopt spinal flexion to meet and greet the rest of the population under 5′ 10.”

Extension of the spine is vital to promote spinal mobility and flexibility, in other words: a healthy neck and spine.

Pilates Swan

Pilates Swan

This week’s moves are oppositional stretch, swimming and swan. Swan is done very basically here, I’m just getting you ready for the next full swan dive! Next week I’ll get all fancy with swan. My body hates swan, but that means my body needs to do this move more.

For your abs increase the repetitions to 80 this week. And remember, Monday, Wednesday and Friday for arms and legs. Abs can be done Monday through Saturday!

Here’s your video for week 8.


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