Week 9 Loretto’s 10 week Pilates Challenge

Week 9

Well, good morrow folks! Today, the start of week 9 is all about extension work: the back, neck, and shoulders.

The neck is very important, because it is with correct neck alignment that we can avoid neck pain, which can very quickly trickle down into our shoulders and back. Altogether an uncomfortable, yet avoidable, experience.

Scalene Muscles

Scalene Muscles

I work the scalene muscles in the neck. Think about that poor neck for a minute. On top is the head, and it weighs on average 10 lbs. You’ll hear me say this in your sleep: for every inch your head sheers forward, you add ten more pounds of weight to your spine. Remember, your spine stops at the base of your brain, not the top of your shoulders. So by moving the neck, we are keeping it mobile and strong. It needs to be!

Swan DiveWe are also working the muscles in the back today by doing swan dive and cobra.

The lady in the picture looks a lot nicer than I do, but I won’t deprive of you of a giggle…, you’ll get to see me look more ridiculous than usual as I do my very best to attempt swan dive in the video. My back HATES it, but my back needs to do a lot of extension work. You don’t have to come up as high as the woman in the picture, and if you can, I am flying down to see you do it.

A very quick, but very important word now about Pilates and Osteoporosis. There are exercises that can help you, and others that can do damage. There are ways to modify exercises to prevent fracture. So please read this post here, click on the blue word, and I have created a list of Pilates mat exercises and modifications for you.

Back muscles

Back muscles

The spine is very important, and so are the muscles, the core, wrapped all around it.

With that being said, without further ado, and now appearing from stage left…., let’s start week 9 with 90 repetitions of the ab series.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday for arms and legs. Abs can be done Monday through Saturday!


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