Week 10 of Loretto’s 10 Week Pilates Challenge

PuppetsThe scapula, or shoulder blades to me and you, are very important in helping to keep our backs and necks in correct alignment. But our bodies are like the wooden stringed puppets. The puppet can’t move if the strings don’t move him, and if the strings are all gnarled up, he’s going to look like a mighty misshapen thing.

The bones of our bodies are the same as the wooden parts of the puppet and the muscles are the strings. If the muscles aren’t strong and correctly aligned, the bones would also shift out of alignment.

How the scapula can move out of place

How the scapula can move out of place

The scapula are a perfect example of how muscles can move the skeletal structure. The picture on the left is of incorrectly aligned scapula.

Winged scapula, incorrectly aligned scapula, causes our upper thoracic cavity to cave in, giving less room for the organs in our core to function.



The breastbone, or sternum, is also vital in staying broad across the upper thoracic. The moves we will do today will assist to promote scapular stability, keeping the shoulder blades where they should be on the back, and also make us think and feel broader across the sternum.

The muscles we are using will help put the scapula where they should be.

So here we are at week 10. In the next few weeks I will up load four twenty minute videos and you can use them to create a Monday, Wednesday, Friday abs and arms routine. In addition to that I will up load 3 videos which will allow you to create 3 different one hour mat classes.

I hope you enjoyed the ten week challenge. If you have questions about modifications for moves, osteoporosis and Pilates or pregnancy and Pilates, just leave them as a comment and I will respond to you. I really enjoyed doing this and hope it truly did make you feel stronger and healthier.


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