Reviews of The Foundling, Mona and Outward Walls

The Foundling


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Reviews of The Foundling

1. This is what Teacher-preneur said about The Foundling:

I want, “to tell you how much I enjoyed your novel. I read it in two days being unable to put it down. I developed a deep affection for the little family that grew up around Robert at Shannon Oaks. It broke my heart when the family was split up by the growing rebellion. I had started reading the Great Hunger so I was familiar with a little of the history surrounding O’Connell and am developing a deeper understanding of the fierce resistance to English rule in Ireland over the past two centuries.

The pace of revelations in the story was excellent. I was irresistibly drawn in. Also, early in the story I thought that maybe Robert would become involved in the resistance movement but as the story developed my hope that he and Mairead would make a new start in America was fulfilled.

I really can’t wait for Stained Glass to come out. I was intrigued by Mairead’s development near the end. She was young and her growing taste for finery along with her fantasizing about being the lady of a grand estate made me wonder if she would be disappointed by the relatively humble reality in Connecticut. I was also intrigued by her budding jealousy over Robert’s affection for his real mother. The first inkling of real flaws in her character seem to be emerging from the innocence and honesty she displayed through most of the story.

I do hope Robert becomes involved with the abolition movement in the U.S. as hinted in his discussion with Warren.”

2. This is what Judy M. had to say about The Foundling:

Just finished your fabulous first novel. I loved it! Can’t wait for #2. The writing is beautiful, the characters are interesting, colorful, and intriguing, and the plot twists are page turning!”

3. This is what Judith L said:

“This story brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “You can’t go home again.”Who is Robert Montbellew? And why does his mother resent him so much? And what of his forbidden love for a servant girl whose name he can barely pronounce? Loretto Leary has crafted a tale of mystery, romance, and class struggle against the backdrop of the 19th century Republican movement. I was instantly drawn to the characters and Loretto’s wonderfully descriptive writing. I “saw” the whole story in my head as if it were a movie. This book is the first in a series. I can’t wait to read the next one”

4. And here is D. Amin’s review of The Foundling:

“A very interesting, insightful introduction to Irish politics of the 1800′s (which I knew nothing about) all wrapped around a beautiful love story. The characters and their love story come to life! I totally lost myself in their world, and in the book…….Can’t wait to read the next in the series.”


 Reviews of

Mona The Body in the Bog

“A Unique juxtaposition of parallel tales and times. Tana French, with a sense of humor.” C. Schack

” A really good read. The mystery begins when a body is found in a bog in Ireland during construction work. It follows the lives of Elan, a female tribal chieftain from 700 BC, and Maire, the modern-day forensic scientist who studies her, naming her “Mona”. A little bit of archeology, science, history, superstition, and drama, all told with Loretto Leary’s compassionate, intelligent voice. I instantly loved the characters in this story and found myself glued to the page in a way I haven’t been for a long time. Appropriate for ages 13 and older; there is some sex, and some violence younger readers might find upsetting. Was Mona murdered, or was it an accidental death? Why did she die with three Roman coins in her mouth? Will Maire be able to solve the mystery? Read the book and find out.”  Mrs. Entity


Reviews of

Dunluce Castle

Outward Walls

“A beautiful story, unexpected and thought-provoking….the lengths that people sometimes go to, to put on a front so that they can fit into society, when inside, there is nothing but loneliness, fear and doubt.”  D. Amin

“I enjoyed your book “Outward Walls.” Amazing how our judgements shape our reality so that we create an entire structure of beliefs around another persons life and interpret their behavior accordingly. You did a fantastic job of leading the reader through that process. I found myself engrossed in Siobhan’s repulsion at Maurice and Erica and her affection for Emily only to have all the perceptions shattered in the last couple of pages. Great story.”  Robert Preneur


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