Breise! Breise! Extra! Extra!

My mother had two ways to cook food, and being the gourmet chef that she was, she choose the best of appliances to help her accomplish this task. A Calor Kosingas gas cooker and a Stanley 8 solid fuel cooker.

The Stanley 8 was a great piece of kitchen equipment. It heated the kitchen to furnace quality heat levels, and cooked meat to a singe. The more turf you forced into that little thing, the higher the needle went on the temperature gauge and sometimes we even managed to make the black top glow bright red. It was a splendid sight to behold with the lights out in the kitchen.

Regulating the temperature was a very tricky task, in fact it was practically impossible. My father ate dinner at one o’clock in the day. His dinner was done to perfection. The rest of us ate dinner that had been plated…

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