Éirinn go Brách

viewsbycountryOne of the most interesting things about keeping a blog is clicking on the stats button and seeing where in the world your readers are.

In this first year of The Gathering in Ireland and with the now common place usage of the words Irish diaspora, I thought I might suggest some collaborative writing to those of you out there around the globe.

I watched a lovely film this past week called Paris, Je t’aime, a compilation of 18 vignettes all set in Paris. 18 perspectives of one place, some a bit zany, others just beautiful and simple. My favorite was the last vignette starring Margo Martindale as, “Carol, a letter carrier from Denver, Colorado on her first European holiday, recites in rough French what she loves about Paris,” as per Wikipedia’s summary.

I thought how wonderful it would be if those of us scattered around the globe from Ireland or of Irish heritage could collaborate on a compilation of short stories set in Ireland, or alternatively, what it meant to grow up as part of the Irish diaspora.

ErinGoBraghYou can tell me if it is too cooky but I would call the collection of short stories Éirinn go Brách which means Ireland Forever.

Some of you are reading this blog in France, New Zealand, England, Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, Greece, Germany, and here in America,but wherever you are, if you have a love of writing and would like to write a short story and contribute it to the final collaboration just send me an email through my author’s website contact page and we’ll get this thing going.

Who knows, if it goes well we’ll all get a little more attention as writers. I would publish it with Createspace.com and we could each do a small author’s bio as well. If you’re interested just let me know. I would suggest that we set a price that would make nothing more than a penny profit, this is just a collaboration to bring more attention to our written work after all. But if you disagree, tell me why, make other suggestions, I am open to them.


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