Celtic Guide’s review of Mona, The Body in the Bog

Celtic Guide September Issue 2013

Celtic Guide September Issue 2013

I received a rather interesting book in the mail to review for this special ‘Muse’ issue of Celtic Guide.

The book, entitled, Mona, the Body in the Bog, was written by Loretto Leary, who hails from Connecticut but was actually born in County Galway, Ireland.
I absolutely love hearing about finds of old bodies, especially skulls, that have somehow remained intact enough for modern forensic study to take place. I most particularly love to see facial reconstruction as it brings these ancient Celts and other races to life, showing that they
usually didn’t really look much different than we
do, their lives were just so incredibly different.
Mona, the body in the bog

Mona, the body in the bog

The book struck me as being about halfway between a mystery novel and a documentary, though that is only my opinion.

Loretta says, “I was going for the reader coming to understand that the perfect society for women is a society that gives freedom of choice. I used the past and present tales to show how even though matriarchal societies sounded great for women, they really weren’t. And that even today, unless we have choice, we’re stuck in the
mud, so to speak.”
The mystery begins when a body is found in a bog in Ireland during construction work. It follows the lives of Elan, a female tribal chieftain from 700 BC, and Maire, the modern-day forensic scientist who studies her, naming her “Mona”.
A little bit of archeology, science, history, superstition, and drama, all told with Loretto Leary’s compassionate, intelligent voice, it is easy to instantly loved the characters in this story and to remain glued to the pages.
Was Mona murdered, or was it an accidental
death? Why did she die with three Roman coins
in her mouth? Will Maire be able to solve the
Loretto tells us, “This is a Celtic love story
and murder mystery, which unfolds with the
help of modern day forensic science. But science
can’t tell us everything. The lives of two women,
one in ancient Celtic Ireland, the other in present
day Ireland, unfolds as a bog body is discovered
and the brutality of the death is revealed. Both
women face challenges from the societies they
Thank you Loretto for this great book!
(Just a note: this book is appropriate for ages 13
and older. There is some sex, and some violence
that younger readers might want to avoid.)
Thanks to James for reviewing Mona, the body in the Bog.

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