The First Trip to Ireland

This blog post is a good example of how I perceive time standing still in Ireland. In reality I was shocked at how fast Ireland changed during the boom years, and even though things have slowed down now, maybe we will regain the quaintness that I miss, and then again, maybe I am just being “twee” about it because I am no longer living there.

Breise! Breise! Extra! Extra!

It was 1994, August, and the weather was behaving itself for a change. I told my husband that his perception of Ireland, based solely on the John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara classic movie, The Quiet Man, was totally and utterly inaccurate.

“People don’t dress like that!” and “We don’t eat spuds at every meal!” and “Ireland has become modernised, for Gawd’s sake!” or “We even have pasta now! There’s lasagna in the country! Waffles, pancake syrup, and corn on the cob in the supermarkets in Galway city!” This was 1994 and the idea that someone could like a stereotypical notion of Ireland was silly to me.

Then a funny thing happened on the journey around southern Ireland. The people proved me wrong.

It started when we had dinner at a restaurant in Killarney. We ordered our meal and, this is a true story now, without even asking for potatoes the…

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