What being Irish means.

What does it mean to be 100% Irish? It means you could be Norman, Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Spanish,………now there’s a diaspora for you!

Breise! Breise! Extra! Extra!

We’ve been hearing a lot of things lately about the Irish diaspora. The Irish have dispersed themselves around the globe. Allegedly, over 70 million Irish are part of the Irish Diaspora.

To be Irish, in my opinion, means that we are an ethnic group made up out of an historical diaspora. What do I mean? Isn’t being Irish about having red curly hair and freckles all over? Well, yes, that’s the postcard picture of the Irish.

In reality the Irish have been conquered and invaded several times, that we know of.

The Celts were the first, then followed by the Vikings, the  Normans, and the English, and finally the American tourists. The last one is a joke by the way.

However another ethnic group came to Ireland without invasion; there are reports of the Spanish doing trade with the tribes of Galway and in the city you will find the…

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