Sacred Heart of Jesus Picture

sacred_heartThere is a picture hanging to the right of this photo, we called it the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and typically it had a red light that burned perpetually beneath it as it hung in our kitchen at home in Ireland. The photo displayed here is from a beautiful book called, Ghosts of the Faithful Departed by David Creedon. I would love to chat to anyone of my blog followers worldwide who still follow the old Irish tradition of displaying this Sacred Heart picture in their homes. Any volunteers?


3 thoughts on “Sacred Heart of Jesus Picture

  1. Hi. I looked this subject up (Sacred Heart in the kitchen.) for the first time and came across your site. I’m an American who has done this all my life because my Irish born mother told me it was the custom in her home in Tipperary. I have an electric red votive light that burns beneath it.

  2. We have always had the Image of the Sacred Heart in my childhood home. A votive burned brightly under it. I am pleased and comforted to have had it displayed in my homes as I raised my family and now in my home as I age into mature adulthood. It feels loving and protective. It reminds me that I am always in the heart of Godde no matter where I wander. When stressed, I light a candle and place my worries God’s hands. I am so grateful to have this tradition and to have this awareness.

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