Arthur’s Day: How to turn a Drink into a National Holiday

Arthur’s Day 2013 was September 27th. Here are a few links to articles related to this “holiday.”
and finally the tweets about Arthur’s Day 2013
Ian Power on twitter announced that ambulance call outs in Dublin doubled on Arthur’s Day 2013.


Breise! Breise! Extra! Extra!

Arthur Guinness, the man who gave the world Guinness, has his own international holiday since 2009, thanks to Diageo.

The last Thursday of September is now “Arthur Day.” Why Thursday? Because it is, and always has been, students’ night out.

No matter how you feel about Arthur, or Guinness, the fact is the man was not Irish. He was born in Ireland. But Arthur was, “directly opposed to any movement toward Irish independence” and wanted, “Ireland to remain under English control,” according to Sean Dunne of Z Magazine. Arthur Guinness was an Irish Unionist. He was loyal to the crown.

There are two points of view toward Arthur’s Day according to Irish online news media The Daily Edge. “Either (a) it’s a genuine national celebration – and in these times, Lord knows we need every one we can get. Or (b) in possibly the best marketing stroke ever pulled by…

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