The Walking Dead: Dystopian or Social Commentary?

The Walking Dead returns to our screens tonight! There is only one word for it……..YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Breise! Breise! Extra! Extra!

I watch very little television these days. There’s not much that really catches my attention. There is one show that I wouldn’t dare miss, and that’s The Walking Dead, AMC Sundays 9pm EST.

It has just wrapped up for season three. Tightly written and always finishing with a cliff hanger, yes it is a show about the zombie apocalypse, but that’s only part of it. Or at least I think so. But read on gentle reader and see if I am stretching it! Maybe I’m over thinking things.

There were two locations featured prominently in this past season. The main group of survivors we have traveled the show with since the beginning were living a secure life inside an abandoned, save a few walkers, prison.

In this prison they lived happily, free to come and go, with cross bows and rifles at hand, at their leisure. Rick, their hallucinogenic…

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