Irish Honeymoon gone wrong, or right?

Irish Honeymoon gone wrong, or right?

Photo is from The Walking Dead’s Facebook page.

For all the Irish heading for Puerto Vallarta on their honeymoon during a zombie apocalypse, rethink your travel plans.

This season’s first episode of The Walking Dead featured an Irish woman in a few scenes. At first I thought she was a new breed of Irish zombie. She might have been a Dublin or Wicklow zombie. Possibly even a Wexford zombie.

I thought the way she spoke was eeerrrie, and I think the whole idea of the scene was to help Rick move on from Laurie’s death. You have this poor Irish zombie keeping her zombified husband in a burlap sack, she can’t let him go even though he is dead. Lesson learned.

It reminded me a bit of an old golf joke.

An elderly couple, Bill and his wife, are walking the 18 holes of a golf course and playing a round of golf. On the beginning of the second hole the husband drops dead of a massive heart attack.

When the wife shows up all sweaty and thirsty at the club house five hours later friends at the bar ask her, how was golf today?

“It was terrible!” she said. “Hit the ball…….drag Bill……hit the ball……and drag Bill.”


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