Copyright and Bloggers

© Loretto Horrigan Leary 2010

© Loretto Horrigan Leary 2010

I have always wondered how to protect my writing online. So this morning I did some research and here is what I came up with.

1. Create a specific copyright page telling readers what they can and can’t do with the content of your blog. Check out my page by clicking here.

2. You can copy and paste the exact copyright language from here, The Book Designer and alter the language to suit your needs.

3. I created a badge/logo on my main home page so that people are reminded of my rights as a writer. You can do the same by following the ehow directions here or just do as I did:

  • Go into appearance
  • Click on widgets
  • Scroll down to “Gallery”
  • Insert your own picture/author’s logo with the symbol for copyright and your name after it. You can copy and paste the symbol here, see how kind I am?   © 

4. Always provide attribution for links/pictures that you use in your own posts. And if the pictures are your own state that too.

5. Remember to THANK people when they do share your content because that brings more attention to your work, but just remind people gently that your work is your work and it is copyrighted. Like this is.

© Loretto Horrigan Leary


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