Irish Emigrant Support Program

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If you are Irish and live in Ireland, I’d love to know how you feel about the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Program from the Department of Foreign Affairs

According to the Irish Times, “the progamme, which is open to any group or organisation providing support to Irish emigrants, paid out €11.6 million in 2012.”

Click here for a detailed list of Charities and organizations receiving donations in 2012

and click here for an overview of The Emigrant Support Program

Ireland                       €1.3 Million

I am excluding the Irish 1.3 million Euro in the final tally as I feel the Irish living in Ireland deserve it.Hey, you guys paid for it, thank you very much! Financial support award in 2012 is quoted in US dollars equivalent (Currency rates as of 10/26/13)

USA                          $2.1 Million

UK                            $10.49Million

That’s 12.59 Million between the US and The UK already!

Australia                  $532,224.94

Canada                   $210,495.95

Rest of the World    $498,529.96

Detailed list of countries numbers are in Euro

Britain 7,596,425
USA 1,669,227
Ireland 1,290,463
Australia 385,581
Singapore 200,000
Canada 152,498
New Zealand 56,048
Argentina 31,312
Zimbabwe 27,371
France 17,500
Korea 10,666
South Africa 10,635
Spain 3,993
Norway 2,169
Russia 1,476

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