Explicit Directions

Time to bake the coconut covered LANDMINE again!

Breise! Breise! Extra! Extra!

I can read, I can write, but sometimes I have great difficulty following directions, especially those written on the back of cake or brownie mixes.

For years I have retained the title of worst brownie maker on the planet, a title well-earned and greatly deserved. I bought the box mix that came with a little sachet/bag of Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

Nowhere, and I stress NOWHERE on the box directions does it say, “Now add the Hershey’s syrup.” For years, now going on two decades, I have been throwing away those little baggies of Hershey’s chocolate syrup thinking it was a free sample. The brownies were of the consistency and flavor of chocolate flavored shoe leather.

This week I baked a french vanilla and white cake with a seven minute frosting. NOWHERE and I stress again, NOWHERE on the box did it say, “Now divide the mixture into two round pans. So…

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