One Year Later

It is appropriate that snow is falling today, adding a sense of peace to December 14th, 2013. It was not peaceful one year ago.

I hope that the year gone by brought the relatives of those lost a little closer to peace. Moving on isn’t easy, it can’t be. Love of a child isn’t that whimsical.

I can’t even begin to imagine, and I don’t want to, the emotions involved. I don’t want to because of the pain. I couldn’t sleep the night that it happened. I knew no one involved, but having taught in a classroom, I cried for the teachers and the students. We don’t send our children to school to hide in closets.

Does thinking of those gone and those left behind ease the pain felt? I don’t know. Is it possible to share the grief of bereavement? If it is, today I’m thinking of all involved with the losses at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and hoping that a year later has brought closure and peace.

The Velveteen Rabbit asked the old skinned rocking horse if being real hurts, and he said, “Sometimes.”


The bell rings and doors to classrooms close;

The clock, tick tocking, already reached half-past.

Hands held across tiny hearts and allegiance pledged

To a billowing flag; by day’s end it would fly half-mast.

(Image Source:

(Image Source:

Gingerbread men smile wide from classroom walls.

Reminding good behavior would be rewarded soon,

On a night that all awaited with joyful hearts,

but would not come for some; revealed by afternoon.

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(Image source: )

I didn’t know you, no, not one, and yet

My heart hurts deeply that you’ve gone away

Your parents, teachers, family, and friends

Just wish you’d lived to see another day.

Another day to play and hug and kiss;

Another day to now just mourn and miss.

by Loretto Leary

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(Image Source:


2 thoughts on “One Year Later

  1. Beautiful, poignant, and sad. What a fitting memorial to all those who suffered and still are. It just breaks my heart thinking of those families. My girls are nine and seven; this tragedy hit too close to home. I spent that day crying. May God bring peace and resignation to those broken families.

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