Grand Cayman Island

Happy New Year 2014 (Image Source

Happy New Year 2014 (Image Source

I rang in 2014 sitting on a beach in Grand Cayman.

Let me tell you, sitting on a beach at midnight watching fireworks in the distance and listening to the waves washing up on the shore isn’t a bad way to ring in January 1st.

We had a nice time in Grand Cayman. Great sunsets, great food and great company.

But Karma is a funny thing…and payback isn’t so great.

It was a lovely trip, and due to flight cancellations we had to do a few jigs and jogs to get home, and were we ever so glad to be home!

We were told that we would not be able to get home until 5 days after the day we were scheduled to leave the island. We managed to get back via Florida, Georgia and then La Guardia. Then we heard that 2,000 more flights were cancelled 30 minutes after we landed in New York. That’s about 3,700 flights cancelled in total since January 3rd.

The weather here in Connecticut has been bitter cold. Minus 14 Celsius was the high on Tuesday…that’s karma for you! And as I said earlier, payback isn’t so great.

However, we move ahead into the New Year. The decorations are down, the first week of 2014 is officially over. The days are getting longer, and only three months of potentially snowy and bitter cold weather ahead!

I CAN DO THIS! But if I hear George Harrison’s “Here Come’s The Sun,” one more time on the radio, I might have to bang my head against the wall a few times to get rid of the January blues


Glad to be home though!

Happy 2014 to you all. May it be a good year for you in every way.


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