Breaking a Bad Habit

Heisnberg himself, Walter White played by Brian Cranston (Image Source:

Heisnberg himself, Walter White played by Bryan Cranston (Image Source:

Maybe it is because I am just not hip enough, cool enough, or whatever else it takes to stay hip and cool, but it was not until Breaking Bad ended that I decided to see for myself what everyone else was raving about.

I mean, so what if Bryan Cranston is no longer Malcolm in the Middle’s dad? Right? Is he that good that transitioning from Hal to Walt is a big deal?

How could grown people be so hooked on a show that people like Anthony Hopkins, sorry, I mean Sir Anthony Hopkins become couch potatoes and watch the entire five seasons, episode after episode, like addicts. That’s impossible. Who’d have the time to do that?

Let me tell you, when you are addicted to something, you make the time. Just like Walter White took time out of his day to make blue crystals that were 97.6% pure, you make the time.

Breaking Bad is that good. I sat at my son’s football banquet and my stomach did a somersault when the lady next to me informed me that the last 8 episodes of season five would not be released on Netflix until February. I wanted to pound my fist on the table and say, “What am I supposed to do now?” Of course my husband’s answer would have been, “How about the laundry?”

I lost almost an entire week in January making time for Breaking Bad. At first my husband thought it was cute, after all he’d gotten hooked on Boardwalk Empire last April. But then, when the laundry refused to do itself, and piled up on the floor, and the dishes in the dishwasher failed to make the leap from machine to cupboard, he asked when this would all be over. When would enough be enough?

"He is Heisenberg,.....He is the Danger."

“He is Heisenberg,…..He is the Danger.”

It is a bad habit, getting hooked like that, and breaking a bad habit is difficult. The indentation of my a$$ cheeks on the couch remain as testament to my Breaking Bad addiction.

Cranston is menacing as he transitions from Walter White to, “Say it, say my name….” Heisenberg. What makes him so good is that despite the fact that he is a murdering, meth cooking psychopath, he still has redeeming qualities. He did this for his family, to keep them financially well off after he died from lung cancer. That was the plan. But “enough” starts at $700,000.00 and finishes in the millions. Enough is never enough. Even though Walter never uses his own product, he too is an addict: to power. Money makes him “the danger” and he likes having control.

So there you have it. My Missing In Action explained. Is Breaking Bad the best series ever to be shown on television? Absolutely. The acting, writing and pace are perfect. I guarantee you won’t be able to watch just one episode. You’ll sit and hit play next episode, just like I did, for days.

The next scheduled MIA from my blog is February 24th. Because that’s when Netflix will air the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad.


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