Unsocial Media

Unsocial Media (Image Source: Tom Falco from the Huffington Post)

Unsocial Media (Image Source: Tom Falco from the Huffington Post)

When Facebook first emerged on the scene, I was on-board, loved the idea, and I was all for it.

Lately I only use it to post my blogs on-line. So after much thought, I have deactivated my personal Facebook page and created a page just to post my scribbles here on Breise Breise and Stage, Page and Screen.

I like when people read my blog and leave comments. But lately I just want to write, not be tracked and told if you “Like” that then you’ll also “Like” this. I made a lot of new friends on Facebook and hope that they’ll reconnect with me through the new page. I am also on Twitter, so feel free to get in touch there.

I am not an unsociable person, and I am not trying to disappear either. But I find it odd, uncomfortable even, that Facebook is tracking posts and what we read so closely, that it is suggesting what we should read next.

There’s no doubt about it, Facebook is a great way to stay in touch, see pictures of family and friends far away, but for now I have decided to just use Facebook to share what I have written either here, or on Page, Stage and Screen, my review blog.

So, that being said, I hope you’ll stay in touch with the new page, or by twitter. Maybe Facebook has lost its luster for me, maybe I just need to unplug and write more. I am not alone in thinking this way…Elvis Duran on the Z Morning Zoo talked about his decision of whether or not to leave Facebook this morning also.

Hope you’ll stay following and also let me know if social media is losing its charm for you too.


4 thoughts on “Unsocial Media

  1. I was never truly charmed by Facebook, so I completely understand how you feel! Look forward to reading your new stories… Hope you’re writing more often than watching Breaking Bad! 😉

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