Saint Patrick: The Irish Legend

I didn’t even know this movie existed. Patrick Bergin as Patrick, can’t be too bad, right? Then again, I have been wrong before. The wigs are nearly as bad as the dialogue, but not quite as bad as Sandra Bullock’s wig in Gravity.

I don’t think it was supposed to be a comedy, but it gave me a few good laughs. Best line in this movie is at 17:28. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

Patrick: “I am dead and this is hell.”

Nuala: “No, it’s just Ireland.”

Yep, that’s right, Ireland in the time of Patrick wouldn’t have been as posh as hell.

Here’s another gem at 22:30

Nuala: “Patrick, he could have killed you!”

Patrick: “But he didn’t!”

Nuala: “How could you be so certain?”

Nuala, ya egit, isn’t yer man Patrick standing in front of ya taking a breath! I might be wrong but  I am fairly certain that the slave owner didn’t kill him.

In this year of 2014, the year of Noah the movie, sure there is plenty of room for Saint Patrick: The Irish Legend


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