Wheat belly be gone, and it isn’t about being trim.

I had never heard of wheat belly before until a friend shared an article about it with me through Facebook. This is the end of my second year going gluten free and the first place I noticed weight loss was in my core and abdomen. I had described the feeling when I ate bread, or any wheat/gluten products, as leaving me feeling bloated, my internal digestive system irritated, and it truly felt like my internal organs were inflamed. And they were inflamed, with Visceral Fat, an intra-abdominal fat that develops between the organs in the abdominal cavity.

Take a look at a wheat belly before and after photos of a man and a woman who have banished wheat/gluten from their diet.

Lose the wheat, lose the spare tire.  Pictures taken exactly 1 year apart. (Image source: Wheatbelly.com)

Lose the wheat, lose the spare tire. Pictures taken exactly 1 year apart. (Image source: Wheatbelly.com)

Rob, from Wheatbelly.com ran 20 miles per week and did a diet suggested by Runner’s World for 5 years. No matter how hard he tried, he says he could not lose the spare tire. Then he ditched gluten, and all gluten products, and within 3 months he began to see a big difference.

Remember that going gluten free doesn’t mean just giving up bread, although bread is a major culprit in the creation of wheat belly. Gluten hides in most processed foods. Unless the packaging states “Gluten Free,” it isn’t gluten free. But be careful with Gluten Free foods also, they tend to be high in sugar.

Elaine shows off her trimmer core due to elimination of wheat (Image source: Sparklepeople.com)

Elaine shows off her trimmer core due to elimination of wheat (Image source: Sparklepeople.com)

Here’s another wheat belly before and after photo of Elaine on Sparklepeople.com.

Remember you do not have to be Celiac or have a gluten intolerance to suffer the ill effects of gluten. In fact I tested negative to a blood test for gluten intolerance. But when I eat bread, or anything else containing gluten, the results speak for themselves.

I still slip, yes I do, and eat the bread in restaurants, I might have a cracker or two with cheese. But without a doubt, there is something causing inflammation of my abdominal organs when I over do it.

Picture from New York Times article on Feb. 2 2014 "We need GMO Wheat

Picture from New York Times article on Feb. 2 2014 “We need GMO Wheat” by Lusik and Miller

Although wheat that has allegedly been genetically modified in the US has not been sold since 2013, there are accounts of GMO Wheat fields been discovered and law suits from farmers against seed giant company, Monsanto. The company touts itself as a sustainable agricultural company.

Not everyone is up in arms about the ability to genetically modify wheat,  thereby making it a hardier crop. The New York Times argued that in order to keep the cost of bread and pasta products down, American farmers need to devote more acreage of farm land to growing GMO wheat.

Visceral Fat (Image source: Bethenutrition4all.com)

Visceral Fat (Image source: Bethenutrition4all.com)

So what? So what if wheat is genetically modified to make it more sustainable? According to Naturalnews.com, a Brazillian study found that the absorption of gluten proteins alter the body’s endocrine and exocrine processes which alters our metabolism , and we gain weight.

This isn’t about calories, this is about how gluten, even if we intake less calories of it, increases visceral fat in the abdominal cavity. The sudy, which was performed on mice, showed that the mouse on a gluten free diet lost weight, whereas his counterpart enjoying gluten foods gained it. Remember, the fat is called visceral fat or intra-abdominal fat, and you store it right in your belly, between your organs.

You don’t have to be wheat/gluten intolerant or have celiac disease to have wheat belly. But chances are, if you continue eating wheat or gluten you could develop more serious health problems such as, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, breast and colorectal cancer, gallbladder problems, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, hormonal imbalances as well as irritable bowel syndrome. So this isn’t about being trim in the mid-section, its about staving off diseases later on in life.

What can you eat without going crazy reading labels? Fresh organic fruits and vegetables. I am pretty bad at this, so this is my new 10 week challenge: Gluten Free and lactose free as well as eating my daily allowance of fruits and vegetables.

Here’s how I am going to do it. I purchased the Nurtibullet, like a small powerful blender, and twice a day, breakfast and lunch, I have a blend of fruits and vegetables, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Here’s a sample of what I have, for anti-inflammatory, and you can try and mix it in a blender. Recipe is from the Nutriliving.com website.


The Nutribullet Blender (Image Source: Funkysmoothie.com)

The Nutribullet Blender (Image Source: Funkysmoothie.com)

½ tsp. Turmeric
¼ tsp. Cinnamon
1 chunk(s) Ginger
1 tbsp. Chia Seeds
Give it a shot, try your blender, but the difference will be how smooth the ingredients are when done in a Nutribullet. I’ll keep you posted here as to how I progress over the next 10 weeks, that will take us into Friday, June 6th.
To keep up to date with my progress, just type Nutribullet Week 1, or 2 and so on into the search bar on the top right hand corner of this blog. I’ll share recipes, how I feel and my physical transformation, if indeed there is any, over the next ten weeks, once per week.
Good luck, and click on the Nutribullet link to buy one and get one free. This is about eating raw, organic, power foods, and banishing processed and gluten filled foods to see if we can lose the wheat belly. Don’t forget to ingest you daily allowance of protein, and you can calculate that here.



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