Pay attention to the bleaker headlines in UK papers and how the Irish Papers choose headlines that are very neutral. So as the old saying goes, there are 3 sides to every story, yours, mine and the truth.

Somewhere between the polarized headlines is the truth.
The Irish are not barbaric, neither is every nun, or priest. All it takes is one Mother Superior to suggest where a dead baby should be deposited and a naïve novice would follow the directive of her superior.

Who’s at fault? The parents of the girl for placing her in a Home? The boy who got her pregnant? The Church for shoving this notion that pre-marital sex is wrong down our gullets and shaming the un-wed mother? It is a combination of all of these things.

The form of Catholicism that rooted itself in Ireland, Jansenism, which started in France, was embraced by the Irish. It is a stricter form of Catholicism, no grey area, black and white world views only. We never questioned the authorities. But today we should be asking all sorts of questions.

Questions such as: How much state aid were the Bon Secours given? What were the inmates living conditions like? What were the nuns living quarters like? What did the inmates eat in a typical day? What did the nuns eat in a typical day? Did the inmates have access to warmer clothes, fireplaces? Did children die because they were malnourished, used as guinea pigs for drug testing? Lots of questions should be asked.

But in reality the officials who were in charge between 1925-1961 are now probably dead and gone. So what do we do now?

So again, more will come out, human emotions being what they are, we all feel for the dead babies, but there was very little money in Ireland, we just became an independent nation no more than ten years earlier.
There’s no doubt that a full inquiry, and forensic pathology using carbon dating of the remains will reveal the truth. What we do with that I don’t know.


2 thoughts on “#800DeadBabies

  1. No nun starved in the making of this blog post. Indeed the writer appears NOT to have read contemporary medical reports on the children – A health board report in 1944 revealed the conditions of the home. A 13-month-old boy was described as “miserable, emaciated child with voracious appetite and no control over bodily functions and probably mentally defective,” and 31 other children in the same room were described as “poor babies, emaciated and not thriving.”

    And we know from State documents that between the years1940 and up to 1955 children in the institutions, covered by the Ryan Report, were in a semi-starved grave condition.

    • You are correct theraggedwagon, but the main point of my post was that we can’t paint everyone with the same brush. I had some nasty nuns when I went to school in Ireland, but I had two really beautiful and kind nuns also. Thanks for sharing. I want to read as much about this as possible. I’m sure atrocities occurred, no doubt about that. But there are some decent Catholics, decent human beings in the church still.

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