Monty Python’s Meet and Greet is just Q&A-Not worth the money

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8 thoughts on “Monty Python’s Meet and Greet is just Q&A-Not worth the money

  1. Wow! Not the kind of reply I would have expected… nor I’m sure what you expected…. and to add to your woes… did you know Hall & Oates are playing the Olympia tonight? Might have been a better option 🙂

  2. wow… I was considering doing the meet and greet but was disappointed that tickets had gone off sale. I saw your blog entry come up and read it with great interest… seems like a really cheap way of conning extra money out of true fans. Meet and Greet is just that… sounds like you are being fobbed off with a well overpriced Q&A session. Surely the promoters knew that people who bought these tickets were buying them with the desire to get pictures of themselves with the Pythons? Let’s not forget that this will be the last opportunity for this to happen… I smell a rat. Security should have been sorted long before the event. I read on Eric’s twitter the night I went that someone had given him a gift and he wanted to thank them – this was the second night and therefore that person had been able to approach Eric in order to do this?

    I’m sorry that you had such a terrible experience and I feel you are justified in how you feel

    • Thanks Bex. The show was great but the meet and greet was not at all a MEET and GREET. I am compiling a list of tweets and pictures as well as original emails from O2 from other attendees who had a similar disappointing experience. The discrepancy between our July 5th experience and the July 1st Meet and Greet is huge. I feel we should have been informed that the meet and greet was now merely a Q&A and we should have been given the opportunity to cancel and receive a refund.

      • It’s funny but I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any pictures of fans with the Pythons – if it had been me then I would have been posting like crazy! I’ve only ever met Terry Gilliam and that was when I was working at his local hospital here so a photo would have been inappropriate.
        I took my Dad to see the show on July 2nd as he has been a massive fan since he was 17, I would have loved to have got him to meet the Pythons but I could only get us normal tickets the day they went on sale.
        You know how they will try and argue this is that ‘oh it was opening night so it had to be different’ but don’t let them BS you guys. I absolutely agree that if they changed it so much then they really should have offered the opportunity of swapping tickets and getting a refund.

        Do you have a page/group on Facebook for this all?

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