This is how you do a meet and greet

and this

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But this is not how you do a meet and greet:

Eve    @evelienh   How not to do a Meet & Greet. £500 for a Q&A is not worth it, sorry.  5:59 AM - 5 Jul 2014

Eve @evelienh
How not to do a Meet & Greet. £500 for a Q&A is not worth it, sorry.
5:59 AM – 5 Jul 2014


6 thoughts on “#MeetGreetFail

  1. Well, I think John Cleese’s comment sums it up ~ ‘It’s all appalling is n’t it? Civilisation’s F*****”
    I love the Pythons but really £500 for a M&G is just plain greed~ pure and simple. It looks #Shambolic ~#Disorganised I’d much rather have an ‘Intimate &Enthralling ‘ Evening with Ciarán Hinds for £30 including drinks reception & Canapes etc and he’s raising funds for YouthAction NI as well which is where all the money will be going. I #Love that MAN #Himself gets it so #Right….
    t man

    • Hi Dorothy. I have been a life long Monty Python fan, and I have to tell you that Eric Idle’s tweet has totally turned me off the man. His response to fans saying that they were promised a meet and greet and professional photo with the group, but got a Q&A instead was, “Moan, moan, moan.” Totally mocking people who spent 500 sterling just to shake his hand and get his autograph. I was upset that AXS, ticket zone, Phil McIntyre Entertainment (the promoter) whoever sent the last email informing us that the format had changed, was deliberately vague because they just wanted the money. Did you go to Youth in Action? It would have been cheaper for me to fly over and do that 🙂

  2. Hi Loretto. So sorry to hear of your and others experience with the M&G Eric Idle’s response was a bit #TongueInCheek was n’t it? ~ An ironic comment from #PythonHistory #Moan Moan Moan….He probably thinks it’s #Witty and as I was n’t involved in the M&G, I probably can have a little chuckle (CheekySod). I think you may have a case under Trading Standards~ not delivering what was advertised eg #Misleading and so on for an exchange of #Goods or Services….From what I have gleamed reading tweets and FB, many people are very unhappy about this and feel totally #RippedOff..
    I hope you manage to get some recourse to compensation….
    The Youth Action NI Event has n’t happened yet.It’s on the 6th September at The Rainbow Factory Studio Theatre, College St, North Belfast . Have a look on CH Fans FB page~ it’s listed there. https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xaf1/t1.0-9/q71/s720x720/10523970_797024036998097_2128079869506290274_n.jpg Well Done for initiating some action against the powers that be~ they need close scrutiny and as my dear old Dad would say #It’s Robbery with Violence…

    • Thanks Dorothy. I really wrote that original blog post reviewing the Monty Python Live (Mostly) show in the blind. I loved the show but just felt the “Meet and Greet” was really a question and answer session and was totally over priced and advertised inaccurately. I didn’t initiate the FB Group page, but I am glad someone did.

      Hope you get to attend the Youth in Action benefit gathering on September the 6th. When I read the description on the Ciaran Hinds website I thought, now that’s a detailed list of what to expect at this event. And not over priced at all. He’s a good man that Ciaran Hinds. I might just buy a ticket in support of his willingness to help Youth in Action by being generous with his time. If you are going, have a great evening.

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