Mental Health Awareness Challenge

How about this for a great idea? On Mike Rowe’s Facebook page, one commenter to Rowe’s post/tribute to Robin Williams said the following:

Thefrugal Witchyii Since I never met him or knew nothing about him except what I see on TV. I knew the Man was evidently 63 years old. So I donated $63 & took 63 cans of food to a local shelter …and donated in the name of Mrs Doubtfire. My Granny who was from Maryland use to do this with anyone she knew or admired. She use to say do not mourn the Dead but Celebrate the Life they had….and what they shared with others. I adored his movies…My Fav was Mrs Doubtfire……. ( May I see you on the other side Mrs Doubtfire you gave us much Joy while you were here. )
So how about creating a new challenge? Let’s donate $63.00 to Suicide Prevention, or donate $63.00 worth of food to a local food pantry. And I really like the idea of using Mrs. Doubtfire as a name. A nice gesture towards remembering someone we never met but whose death has brought attention to a topic that needs attention.

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